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Holistic Oils & Soaps

We offer natural healing oils, tinctures and extracts made by monks at the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Monastery in Sukovo, Pirot, Serbia. They carefully pick the freshest ingredients from their organic farm and mountainside and use the finest cold pressed virgin olive oil from Greece.

Our handcrafted luxurious herbal soaps are made from the highest quality pure virgin olive oil and natural ingredients found in southeastern Serbia. They are made with the purest of ingredients that are gentler and more soothing to the skin. These spa quality soaps use some of the finest herbs to help nourish and regenerate the top layer of skin leaving you with beautiful and supple skin. NO ADDITIVES OR ARTIFICIAL DYES are used in any of our products.

Kantarion Oil $14.00
(St. John's Wort)
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Neven Oil $14.00
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Propolis Tincture $14.00
(Pollen extract)
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Sremus Extract $14.00
(Allium Ursinum)
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Cimet i Med $8.95
(Cinnamon & Honey)
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Neven $8.95
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Bosiljak i Borovnica (Basil & Blueberry) $8.95
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Mak i Ruzmarin $8.95
(Poppy & Rosemary)
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Harmony Apple Pie $8.95
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Harmony Lavender Classic $8.95
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Harmony Marigold $8.95
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Harmony Morning Freshness $8.95
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Harmony Zebra Soap $8.95
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